Fused glass projects are created with hand cut glass, which is assembled and layered onto a shelf for an initial kiln firing at fusing temperatures ranging from 1400-1600 degrees Farenheit and then cooled for 8 to 16 hours. Subsequent firings are required for the addition of elements, details or layers, or for shaping by slumping into a ceramic mold or draping over a ceramic or stainless steel mold.  Most pieces require two or more firings to achieve the desired finished look and spend a minimum of 24 hours in the kiln. It is with excitement & anticipation that we open the kiln...every time.  Each piece is totally unique & sometimes a complete surprise! Champagne bubbles are a natural part of the fusing process, and often an intended detail.


Stained glass projects also begin with carefully hand cut glass which is pieced together to the planned shape, size and pattern...like assembling a puzzle.  The edges of each glass piece are wrapped with copper foil tape and burnished. Flux is applied to the copper and pieces are then joined by using a heated 60% tin and 40% lead solder.  A patina can be added to darken the look of the solder joints, or a bright silver finish can be maintained depending on the desired look of the project.  Lifting a stained glass  piece to the light after soldering the first side is as exciting as opening the kiln to see the results of a fused glass project!  Once both sides are soldered, the project is ready to be cleaned, polished, framed or otherwise finished.  Install or hang and let the sun shine in!


Jim & Dawn Moore

Our passion for creating art with glass all started when we were looking for something fun and rewarding to do together.  We decided to take a four week class to learn how to make stained glass.   Jim was a little reluctant to participate, but I reminded him how much he loves projects and tools and processes and... more projects!   We were both immediately hooked and could not wait for our next class.  Our first small sample projects still hang in our studio and are a fun reminder of how our love for this art all began.  We took more classes and workshops to include fused glass and then found ourselves spending all of our spare time in our studio cutting glass, making gifts for friends and family, experimenting with different techniques and processes, and practicing and perfecting our skills.  For me, I started dreaming of color and pattern combinations and imagining everything from the perspective of how it would look in glass.  Of course there have been frustrations when experiments don't go as planned, but the creative thinking, the challenges of the process and ultimately the beauty in the finished products is all so rewarding.  Through color, design and light, our goal is to create unique and meaningful fused and stained glass art pieces that will enhance and customize your favorite indoor and outdoor living and work spaces.   From sidelights to pergola screens to serving pieces, sculpture and dramatic wall art, everything is Best in Glass!